Loopback Analytics and Infirmary Health Partner on Specialty Pharmacy to Improve Patient Outcomes

Loopback Analytics, a leader in population health analytics, is excited to announce its partnership with Infirmary Health to continue advancing specialty pharmacy initiatives.

Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly evolving, innovative area, and health systems like Infirmary Health—a URAC and ACHC-accredited organization—play a key role in ensuring patients get timely access to the medications they need. By effectively monitoring and managing patient data, integrated health systems are uniquely positioned to provide superior levels of safety, adherence and clinical efficacy with complex specialty medications.

“Infirmary Health’s pharmacy program is committed to quality and continuous improvement, which has earned national recognition and accreditation,” said Sim Sokom, Pharmacy Manager at Infirmary Health. “We’re excited to work alongside Loopback Analytics to utilize data in our efforts to improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.”

Through its partnership with Loopback Analytics, Infirmary Health aims to increase patient access to specialty medication and improve medication adherence. Using Loopback Analytics’ portfolio of pharmacy solutions, Infirmary Health can more effectively identify and manage at-risk patients while improving clinical outcomes related to specialty medications.

“Through this new partnership, Loopback will be providing Infirmary Health with advanced analytics to grow their pharmacy business and improve timely access to the specialty medications patients need,” said Neil Smiley, CEO, Loopback Analytics. “The goal is improved access and lower total cost of care where patients, providers and payers all benefit.”

About Infirmary Health:

Infirmary Health is composed of four hospitals, two post-acute care facilities, more than 60 medical clinics and other affiliates. Additionally, the system operates five retail pharmacies and a specialty pharmacy, four of which service our patients to help gain access to needed medications. Infirmary Health serves all counties along the Gulf Coast and offers the most advanced technology, comprehensive treatment and highest quality care to remain the first choice for healthcare in the region.