Helping you
bridge the gap
for better access.

Loopback’s Payor Access Services connects payors with health system providers by leveraging insights from clinical data across its client base of more than 40 health systems. This is the chance to forge strong payor relationships that will drive success and innovation in the healthcare landscape. Securing specialty payor contracts has been a tough challenge for health system specialty pharmacies, and we’re here to help get you where you’re going.


Health Systems lose between 40-70% of Specialty Pharmacy revenue due to payor lockouts.


Loopback draws clinical insights from over 400K specialty pharmacy patients on the platform.


Loopback curates valuable clinical endpoints from unstructured clinical notes, which represent over 90% of all clinical data.

A Few of Our Platform Capabilities

  • Next-generation analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Real-time data insights
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Clinical Reporting

“Loopback’s Payor Access Services will create new opportunities for payors and health system providers to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that leverage data and insights to reduce the total cost of care and improve outcomes for patients.”

– Jerry Buller, VP Payor Access