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Founded in 2009, Loopback Analytics is a pioneer in empowering health systems and post-acute care organizations to more effectively manage care transitions and reimbursement challenges in a “pay-for-outcome” environment. The company’s comprehensive management platform helps identify at-risk patient populations, match intervention and measure efficacy to improve patient, clinical and economic outcomes.

Our comprehensive management technology unites the provider network, integrates real-time data, enables rapid-cycle learning and measures efficacy in a stable and secure cloud infrastructure. Via a secure cloud-based workflow, the Loopback Analytics platform enables care coordinators to manage, track and communicate with patients as they progress through evidence-based programs. Embedded feedback loops help assess program efficacy and make corresponding adjustments to achieve optimal results.

strategic marketing associate

Loopback Analytics is currently looking for a highly motivated individual who will report directly to our Director of Health System Sales. This job position will be responsible for working with clients to promote Loopback success stories and create opportunities for collaboration within the Loopback customer base. Responsibilities include publishing case studies, coordinating user groups and fostering a collaborative environment for clients to share in their success with the Loopback Platform.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Loopback Analytics is currently hiring innovative and team oriented Business Intelligence Analysts who will work with Loopback Solution Partners including hospitals, academia, post-acute care organizations, physicians, payers and social service agencies to develop and deploy new healthcare services on the Loopback platform. The Analyst’s primary responsibilities will be to vet and design solution opportunities for the company’s platform and overall workflow, while strategically organizing and developing business and pricing plans for new services. He/she will continually engage with existing customers and prospective clients to better understand their needs and business plans to ensure all solutions meet specific business requests.

Client Services Representative

Loopback Analytics is currently hiring for a capable and detail-oriented Client Services Analyst. The person in this role will be the main point of contact between Loopback Analytics and our clients, which are mainly health system specialty pharmacies. The incumbent will have responsibility in understanding client challenges, goals, and how the Loopback Platform helps clients achieve those goals. The Client Services Analyst serves as a point of continuity across the maturation of the client relationship, including the end of the sales cycle, the software implementation process, product go-live, and ongoing client engagement thereafter.
A successful candidate will be a passionate and decisive customer service-oriented person, who will be responsible for regular interactions with both internal and external stakeholders.

Junior DevOps Engineer

Loopback Analytics is currently hiring an innovative and team oriented Junior DevOps Engineer. The Loopback DevOps team works to lead the automation of all aspects of the software delivery pipeline, using the latest and most innovative technologies for on demand provisioning, CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and software delivery. The Junior DevOps Engineer’s responsibilities will encompass a blend of first level technical support, emergency response, monitoring of critical systems, and development of various innovative improvements to Loopback system. You’ll contribute to the design and documentation of systems, in collaboration with other teams, looking for opportunities to automate efficiency.

Product Manager

Loopback Analytics is looking for a Product Manager who will work closely with the Loopback development team to create and manage the next generation of products. This role requires exceptional project management and interpersonal skills and the ability to think collaboratively to overcome challenges. Someone who is excited about the possibilities of big data in health care will be the right candidate for this position.

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