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Founded in 2009, Loopback Analytics is a pioneer in empowering health systems and post-acute care organizations to more effectively manage care transitions and reimbursement challenges in a “pay-for-outcome” environment. The company’s comprehensive management platform helps identify at-risk patient populations, match intervention and measure efficacy to improve patient, clinical and economic outcomes.

Our comprehensive management technology unites the provider network, integrates real-time data, enables rapid-cycle learning and measures efficacy in a stable and secure cloud infrastructure. Via a secure cloud-based workflow, the Loopback Analytics platform enables care coordinators to manage, track and communicate with patients as they progress through evidence-based programs. Embedded feedback loops help assess program efficacy and make corresponding adjustments to achieve optimal results.

Client Network Coordinator

Loopback Analytics is currently looking for a highly motivated individual who will report directly to our Director of Health System Sales. This job position will be responsible for working with clients to promote Loopback success stories and create opportunities for collaboration within the Loopback customer base. Responsibilities include publishing case studies, coordinating user groups and fostering a collaborative environment for clients to share in their success with the Loopback Platform.

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