Real World Data

Understand the patient journey, compare how drugs and devices are used within and across populations, and assess patient outcomes across a wide range of endpoints – all from anonymized real world patient data from across the United States.


Estimated portion of time data researchers spend collecting and cleaning data

Clinical researchers are frequently faced with grooming vast quantities of electronic health record (EHR) data

All too often, they face ingesting, mapping & cleaning inconsistently implemented identities, locations, and naming conventions, procedures, labs, and medications

Loopback addresses data pipeline and preparation needs of the clinical data researcher, serving as a ‘project-ready’ real-world data (RWD) resource for electronic health record (EHR) data. De-duplicated, normalized to a common data model, and enriched with an expanding range of researcher-friendly attributes



> 500


> 3500




Loopback RWD is suited to questions across stakeholders and the clinical journey


Use cases

Patient Journey

Comparative Effectiveness

Clinical Trials

Clinically Deep Patient Data

All elements linked to an anonymized patient identity


  • ~25 per patient
  • Diagnosis group
  • Facility type
  • Provider type


  • Procedure codes across types
  • Referral source


  • ~30 per patient
  • Search across all ICD levels
  • Identify rare diagnoses unavailable in smaller populations


  • LOINC® code mapped
  • Specimen sources
  • Lab levels by type & units
  • High/low/abnormal flags


  • Ordered and in-system filled medication names and doses normalized to standard
  • Quantities, frequency, route


  • Billing charge
  • Payment & adjustment records
  • Submitted and adjudicated diagnoses
  • procedures, medications

Loopback Clinical Intelligence proudly extends from the PCORnet common data model used across health systems and clinical research consortia.

Our Platform

The Loopback platform assembles clinical, pharmacy, enterprise and social data for insight and action across the specialty pharmacy and life sciences value chain. 

Data Operations

When importing data from an EHR, pharmacy dispense system, etc. there will inevitably be multiple patient records for the actual real patient. Loopback’s Master Patient Index uses a combination of probabilistic and deterministic processes to deduplicate and connect patient records across the health system or geographic region.


All data ingested by Loopback is standardized into a common data model, but that isn’t enough. A common understanding requires normalizing the definition of critical events and establishing data relationships that do not always exist in every health system.


Every EHR implementation is obviously tailored to the needs of the health system. To get to a common understanding, the Loopback platform must normalize those customizations. This could be as simple as mapping data elements to common terminologies but also as complex as standardizing the definition of an encounter.

We handle data pipelines and cleaning so you can focus on clinical insights

Extract, Transform, Load

Extract, Transform, Load

Pipeline monitoring

Pipeline monitoring

Data quality checks

Data quality checks

Maintaining pipeline amidst source system changes

Maintaining pipeline amidst source system changes

Master Patients
Master Locations
Master Medications
Lab Matcher
Meds Matcher
Device Matcher
Pricing Engine
Tagging Engine
NLP Engine

Engagement Models Designed to Fit your Needs



Therapy Area

Therapy Area



Our Population-Centric Approach

All elements linked to an anonymized patient identity

Build a Population

An analyst from the Loopback Data Science team will walk you through the Loopback Clinical Insights population builder to design your inclusion and exclusion criteria, time scale, required data elements and levels to increase the fit with your study objectives.

Review and Iterate

Population summary demographics, intersections of key sub-populations, and key terms & data domains to help researchers understand data will support the desired research objective. Iterate on population until satisfied.

Terms and License

Population license terms dictate allowed uses for study data. Row-level data sample provided upon request. Annual licenses for the defined dataset with opportunity to receive weekly, monthly or quarterly refreshes.


Upon defining your study population, we will provide access to your study dataset. You can access the file via our cloud environment, receive structured .csv files via a secure delivery, or ingest into the analytics platform of your choosing.

Start Your Project Journey Today

Start your project journey today