Loopback Analytics Surpasses 30 Clients on the Loopback Platform

Loopback Analytics is thrilled to announce the milestone of surpassing 30 clients on the Loopback platform. Thanks to growing demand for dynamic analytics to help improve patient outcomes and drive growth, Loopback has had the opportunity to earn key partnerships with reputable health systems across the nation.

After shifting its focus to health sy­­stem pharmacies in 2017, Loopback Analytics has grown to be the leader for data-driven solutions for health system and academic medical center specialty and ambulatory pharmacy programs. As an organization, Loopback believes that health system specialty pharmacy programs are uniquely positioned to provide superior care for patients considering their relationship with prescribers as part of the integrated delivery network as well as access to the clinical records for the patients they serve. The Loopback platform enables health systems to unlock impactful data insights out of their EMR to effectively identify growth opportunities of high-value medications, ensure access to medications, improve total cost of care, and demonstrate the value their pharmacy program provides to the integrated delivery network.

Loopback provides data analytics for more than 30 health system clients, 220+ hospitals, thousands of clinics and 50 million patient lives. “We are excited about this growth, not only as a company but also as an industry leader,” said Neil Smiley, CEO at Loopback Analytics. “Loopback has made huge strides in the development of our solutions, and we are confidently committed to continue empowering our clients and partners to win in specialty pharmacy.”