Loopback Analytics and Acentrus Specialty Establish New Coalition for Therapy-Specific Outcomes

IRVING, Texas, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Loopback Analytics and Acentrus Specialty have established a new collaboration that will focus on capturing and sharing data to develop therapy-specific best practices. The Therapy Specific Outcomes Coalition (TSOC) is a collaborative initiative of the nation’s leading health system specialty pharmacies. TSOC will bring together participating health system specialty pharmacies around a shared goal of gaining access to payer networks and limited distribution drugs (LDDs) while developing best practices and real-world evidence studies.

“Pairing the network scale and expertise of Acentrus with the common data platform of Loopback allows us to articulate outcomes on a broad scale and address an unmet need in the industry,” said Chris Hatwig, President of Apexus.

This new initiative uniting leading health systems is focused on developing consensus around selection and calculation of relevant clinical endpoints by therapy. The coalition will leverage a wealth of data from leading academic medical centers to expand upon the unique value that health system specialty pharmacies provide in delivering better therapeutic outcomes for patients.

“Loopback is excited to work alongside TSOC members to identify clinical measures and provide advanced analytics to quantify the distinctive capabilities of leading health system specialty pharmacies in serving patients,” said Neil Smiley, Loopback Analytics CEO.

Sarah Daniel, Assistant Director of Specialty Pharmacy Services at the University of Kansas Health System said, “We are excited to be part of TSOC. This is a great opportunity for health system specialty pharmacies to partner and collectively demonstrate our ability to deliver high quality patient care.”

The TSOC initiative is an elevated group of Acentrus clients that are using the Loopback platform. These 14 health systems have come together to collect and analyze therapy-specific data on a shared platform. Their goal is to develop a deeper understanding of best practices in specialty pharmacy and how those practices affect patient outcomes in specific disease states.

“UNC Health is excited to join TSOC as a founding member,” said Jeff Reichard, Director of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina. “We believe this is a valuable endeavor as health-system specialty pharmacies continue to demonstrate their value in the specialty pharmacy channel.”

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Acentrus Specialty, a solution of Apexus, is the nation’s largest health system specialty pharmacy network, uniting 127 health systems and 800+ hospitals committed to providing patients with exceptional, local specialty pharmacy care integrated with clinical care to optimize health outcomes. The Acentrus network of academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks, and community hospitals represents nearly 6 million annual inpatient admissions. Follow Acentrus on LinkedIn or on the web at acentrusrx.com.

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Loopback Analytics is the leading provider of data analytics and insights for health system and academic medical center specialty and ambulatory pharmacy programs, providing data analytics for more than 30 leading health system clients, 250+ hospitals, thousands of clinics and over 50 million patients. The Loopback data platform supports robust analytics and services that enable health system pharmacies to capitalize on growth opportunities and improve patient outcomes.

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