Jeff Pattillo

Jeff Pattillo is both the Principal Data Scientist and Director of Analytics at Loopback Analytics. After graduating with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M, Jeff joined Loopback in 2013 as a Data Scientist, a relatively new position at the time.  Jeff’s first big task was to build Loopback’s Master Person Index (MPI), which stitches together the same person across the various healthcare data sources integrated with Loopback. Since that project, Jeff has pioneered numerous analytics systems to build relationships across disparate data sources, to support healthcare population analysis, and to augment client data with machine learning predictions, while also guiding others as they code various systems to enhance Loopback’s data.

Outside of Loopback, Jeff enjoys basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, card games, and two-stepping with his wife.  He is a die-hard Texas A&M fan, loves March Madness, and loves spending time with his Red Golden Retriever named Jones. Jeff and his wife Liz actively serve at their church and are expecting their first child in July 2022.