Jerry Buller Joins Loopback Analytics to Lead Payor Access Services

Loopback Analytics, a leading provider of analytics and services for health system pharmacy programs, is pleased to announce Jerry Buller as Vice President of Payor Access Services.

Jerry has more than 15 years’ experience in specialty pharmacy operations and the development of clinical programs with major health systems while serving as Chief Pharmacy Officer and Trellis Rx and Executive Director of Specialty Pharmacy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. At Loopback, Jerry will lead a dedicated and experienced team to establish partnerships to deliver improved clinical and financial outcomes for health system clients and their payor partners.

“We are thrilled to have Jerry lead the Loopback team in this strategic initiative. Jerry’s knowledge and expertise with specialty pharmacy and payor partnerships will amplify the power of our data, analytics and insights to improve clinical and financial outcomes for our clients”, says Neil Smiley, Loopback Analytics’ CEO.

Specialty drugs represent more than 50% of total drug cost and are responsible for most of the increase in healthcare spend. Payors are seeking solutions to help them ensure the dollars spent on specialty care are used effectively. Health systems are uniquely positioned to provide superior outcomes with their integrated care delivery model when patients have access to the specialty drugs they need.

Loopback’s Payor Access Services connects payors with health system providers by leveraging insights from clinical data across its client base of more than 40 health systems. Loopback’s sophisticated analytics, with natural language processing and machine learning, creates actionable opportunities for providers and payors to reduce total cost of care and improve patient outcomes. 

Jerry Buller’s expertise, coupled with Loopback’s next-generation analytics, affords new opportunities and partnerships within specialty drug management landscape. Buller states,

“Loopback’s Payor Access Services will create new opportunities for payors and health system providers to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that leverage data and insights to reduce the total cost of care and improve outcomes for patients.”

About Loopback Analytics

Founded in 2009, Loopback Analytics is a leading provider of data analytics and insights that simplify understanding, access and innovation for patients requiring specialty care. Our mission is to connect Health Systems and Life Sciences through analytics and data-enabled services. Loopback serves over 40 health system clients, 250+ hospitals, thousands of clinics, and over 50 million patients nationwide.

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