Healthcare has become a data-driven industry.

Value-based care continues to evolve quickly. From the early days of the Bundled Payment Care Initiative (BPCI) to the recently announced BPCI Advanced program, this ongoing transformation requires a relentless, data-driven focus on reducing clinical variation, optimizing care pathways and increasing financial efficiency.

Loopback Analytics’ SaaS-based EpisodeInsights™ platform enables clients to succeed in the journey to value-based care. From initial opportunity modeling with pre-built BPCI Advanced bundle configurations to DRG-specific drill-downs, from market benchmarking to real-time data sharing infrastructure, EpisodeInsights™ provides the platform necessary to thrive in this new payment paradigm.

Leading organizations leverage EpisodeInsights™ to tackle an expansive array of use cases, including:

Market Analysis

On-demand access to a cloud-hosted analytics platform. Easy-to-use, user-definable filters enabling rapid analysis across organizations, facilities, agencies and physicians in target markets.

Onboarding of Your Hospital Claims Data

Robust and secure HIPAA compliant analytical framework to analyze Medicare and commercial claims data.

Real-Time Network Deployment

Comprehensive legal, technical and operational framework to create a dynamic, real-time data exchange amongst chosen care partners.