enabling health system pharmacies to win

The Loopback Rx platform enables health system pharmacies improve patient outcomes and accelerate growth through increased capture of high value scripts. The platform is comprised of three interoperable modules that operate independently or in combination.

Loopback Rx closes the gap for pharmacy analytics and allows the pharmacists to do what they do best – focus on improving patient care and satisfaction. The Loopback Rx platform provides automated performance metrics by seamlessly integrating disparate data sets into easy to use and actionable analytics.

The platform’s proprietary capabilities include a master patient index, medication pricing system, sophisticated population tagging engine and risk-adjusted comparison groups.

Rx Capture

The Loopback Rx Capture Module enables health systems to maximize their opportunity for specialty medications. Prescription orders written by health system physicians are matched to dispensing pharmacies and 340B data to track capture rates and missed opportunity by volume, revenue and gross margin. Campaigns may be defined to manage initiatives to reduce leakage and overcome payer and manufacturer blocks.

Interactive dashboards allow in-depth analysis by location, prescriber, payer, manufacturer and medication. Campaigns track the ROI associated with pharmacy investments to increase capture rates.

Rx Outcomes

The Loopback Rx Outcomes Module provides medication adherence and clinical outcome Loopback measures for a defined patient registry. Target populations may be established to enable detailed analysis for risk-based contracts, payers and manufacturers. Benchmark data provides comparison of adherence and clinical outcomes for patients served by the health system pharmacy vs. alternate distribution channels.

Adherence measures include Proportional Days Covered (PDC), Primary Medication Non-adherence (PMN), Speed to Therapy (STT), Time on Treatment (TOT), Likelihood of Abandonment and medication complexity. Outcome measures include ED visit rates and inpatient / outpatient utilization, readmissions and total cost of care. Loopback can also support benchmarking across clients in a standardized format with Rx Benchmarks.

Rx Interventions

The Loopback Rx Interventions Module enables the management of a portfolio of intervention programs to improve capture rates and medication adherence. For each program in the portfolio, Loopback Rx Interventions provides identification of target populations, monitoring of patient engagement and measurement of associated clinical and economic outcomes relative to a historical baseline and concurrent risk-adjusted comparison groups.

Intervention programs may include Rx Activator, meds to beds automation, medication therapy management, clinic embedded pharmacists and medication adherence initiatives.

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