uniting a network of providers

The Loopback Nx platform enables health systems to coordinate care across organizations and care settings to manage at-risk populations and improve patient outcomes.

The platform is comprised of three interoperable modules that work independently or in combination.

Interactive dashboards provide actionable insights and tools to track the return on investment associated with health system initiatives.

Episode Insights

The Episode Insights Module enables health systems to identify opportunities for reduction in care variations and costs for episodes of care that extend beyond the walls of health system owned facilities. Third-party claims data and public quality data augment valuable information from health system affiliated ACOs and health plans to quantify opportunities for improvement and inform network design and intervention strategies.

Interactive dashboards allow in-depth analysis and benchmarking relative to other providers within a market-by-bundle, DRG, facility, PAC provider and physician. Campaigns can track the ROI of investments to improve performance, increase market share and reduce costs.

Nx Outcomes

The Loopback Nx Outcomes Module provides utilization measures using a combination of claims data and real-time Admit/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) data feeds from a network of acute, post acute and community providers. A master person index links disparate data sets across organizations into a unified longitudinal care record.

Target populations may be established to enable detailed analysis for risk-based contracts, high-risk diagnosis groups, high-utilizers and other populations of interest. Outcome measures include ED visit rates and inpatient / outpatient utilization, readmissions and total cost of care.

Nx Interventions

The Loopback Nx Interventions Module enables the management of a portfolio of intervention programs to reduce costs and improve outcomes. For each program in the portfolio, Loopback Nx Interventions provides identification of target populations, monitoring of patient engagement and measurement of the intervention’s impact on clinical and economic outcomes relative to a historical baseline and concurrent risk-adjusted comparison groups.

Network participants may be notified in near real-time when eligible patients move across care settings. Interventions include coordination of care across narrow PAC networks and community-wide coordination for high utilizers with behavioral health complications.

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