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Founded in 2009, Loopback Analytics is the leading provider of data analytics and insights for health system and academic medical center specialty and ambulatory pharmacy programs. The Loopback data platform supports robust analytics and services that enable health system pharmacies to capitalize on growth opportunities and improve patient outcomes. 

Health system specialty and ambulatory pharmacy programs are uniquely positioned to provide superior care for patients through their close relationship with prescribers and integrated care model.

Loopback provides data analytics for more than 30 leading health system clients, 250+ hospitals, thousands of clinics and over 50 million patients.

Loopback’s mission is enabling health system pharmacies to win. Through advanced data insights and excellent client service, Loopback enables clients to expand access to specialty medications, efficiently manage patient outcomes by therapy, increase medication capture rates, and lower total cost of care.


The Loopback platform consists of interoperable modules with four major areas of focus:

Rx Capture

Identify Economic Opportunity

Rx Outcomes

Identify Clinical Opportunity

Rx Interventions

Act to Realize Opportunity 

Rx Reports

Share Results

“Loopback Analytics is committed to providing cutting edge, innovative solutions that enable health system pharmacies to realize their full potential.”

Neil Smiley, Loopback Analytics CEO

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