DALLAS, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Loopback Analytics, a leading provider of data-driven solutions for hospital and health systems, announced today it has partnered with UC Davis Health specialty pharmacy services to help advance patient care and outcomes.

Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly evolving field and health systems – particularly academic health systems – can play key roles in its advancement through data analytics. By effectively monitoring and managing patient data, health systems are uniquely positioned to improve the safety and clinical efficacy of complex specialty medications.

Loopback Analytics aims to improve medication adherence and reduce total costs of care. Using Loopback Analytics’ portfolio of pharmacy solutions that include data integration and analytics, health systems can more effectively identify and manage at-risk patients, and improve clinical outcomes related to specialty medications.

“We are excited to partner with the UC Davis Health specialty pharmacy team,” said Neil Smiley, CEO at Loopback Analytics. “Our solutions for navigating the specialty market and specialty operations outcomes are designed to positively impact medication adherence and capture rates, thus reducing utilization that drive up costs. Our solutions add significant value to a patients’ overall care.”

To learn more about Loopback Analytics, visit www.loopbackanalytics.com.

About Loopback Analytics

Loopback Analytics is a pioneer in empowering health systems to more effectively manage care transitions and reimbursement challenges in a “pay-for-outcome” environment. The company’s comprehensive management platform helps identify at-risk patient populations, match interventions and measure efficacy to improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.loopbackanalytics.com.

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