Loopback Platform Connects Network-wide Patient Data to Improve Care Coordination, Identify High-Risk Patients & Streamline Care

DALLAS (December 8, 2015)—Loopback Analytics, a pioneer in health care data integration and analytics, care transition interventions and at-risk population management, today announced a new partnership with six Massachusetts hospitals to integrate patient data across hospitals and implement intra- and inter-hospital intervention programs using the Loopback comprehensive care management platform to improve health care delivery within their patient populations.

The program is funded through the $60 million Phase 2 grant program of the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission’s (HPC) Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization and Transformation (CHART) Investment Program.

Individual CHART grants were awarded to Hallmark Health System (Melrose-Wakefield and Lawrence Memorial Hospital), Addison Gilbert Hospital, Beverly Hospital and Winchester Hospital. Lahey Behavioral Health received a joint award that includes Addison Gilbert Hospital, Beverly Hospital, Winchester Hospital and Lowell General Hospital. All hospitals will implement the Loopback system to integrate and share patient data across their respective patient populations, manage activities related to the intervention programs and assess the impact on desired outcomes through Loopback’s care management platform.

By identifying at-risk patient populations, these facilities can streamline care coordination to ensure patients get the right interventions at the right time, reduce waste and improve care quality, while fully maximizing their investments to meet the Commonwealth’s HPC CHART Phase 2 goals.

“These innovative facilities have taken an important step toward improving the overall wellness of Massachusetts residents by using technology to improve care coordination for such a large patient population,” said Loopback CEO Neil Smiley. “We’re very pleased to work with this group of awarded hospitals to streamline care transitions and improve patient outcomes.”

Loopback’s platform enables participating hospital systems to strategically identify at-risk patients, fine-tune care protocols and design new interventions to improve outcomes for these cohorts based on data analytics and reporting. By tracking patient follow-up, progress and outcomes across specific intervention models, these facilities can now quantifiably measure intervention success, optimize care planning and improve patient access to and success with rehabilitation, behavioral health and chronic disease management services. The Loopback platform helps facilities to reduce hospital readmission rates and improve the overall health of their patient populations.

As part of the implementation, Loopback provides a robust reporting system to measure patient outcomes, care transition workflows, treatment protocol success and program fidelity. These key performance metrics enable each hospital system to validate success with hard data to satisfy the CHART Phase 2 requirements for reimbursement under the grant program.

To learn more about Loopback Analytics care management platform, visit www.loopbackanalytics.com.

About Loopback Analytics

Founded in 2009, Loopback Analytics is a pioneer in empowering health systems and post-acute care organizations to more effectively manage care transitions and reimbursement challenges in a “pay-for-outcome” environment. The company’s comprehensive management platform helps identify at-risk patient populations, match interventions and measure efficacy to improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.loopbackanalytics.com.

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