Holzer Health System, serving Southeastern Ohio Valley residents since 1909, has partnered with Loopback Analytics to support its efforts to reduce readmissions of discharged patients by implementing Loopback’s Readmission Reduction Service.

“Loopback provides great value to Holzer Health System by focusing on our most prevalent admission diagnoses, combining the best aspects of technology and human interface and engaging with us on and offsite to optimize the value to our patients and community,” says Dr. Lee Saltzgaber, vice president for quality and clinical effectiveness. “They are planning for the future by bringing services on board which mirror the focus areas of CMS and regulators so that we are positioned in a way to take advantage of probable value based purchasing opportunities. In the end, Holzer is integrating, and Loopback will help Holzer provide the optimal continuum of care to our patients, regional employers and community.”

“Holzer Health System has a long history of caring for the residents of Southeastern Ohio” says Neil Smiley, Loopback Analytics CEO. “We are honored to be working with them to support their tradition of compassion, commitment and caring for their community.”

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