Loopback Analytics has signed a definitive agreement to provide Readmission Reduction Services for Forrest General Hospital. Since 1952, Forrest General Hospital has been a leader in medical excellence in South Mississippi. The hospital has grown from the original 90-bed facility into a 512-bed, level II regional trauma center hospital system. Forrest General is continually measuring quality and implementing improvements as a part of its commitment to ensure positive patient experiences. Forrest General was awarded the 2009 Consumer Choice Award from National Research Corporation based on feedback from consumers in the Hattiesburg area who ranked Forrest General top of the list based on four essential consumer metrics including best overall quality, best image and reputation, best doctors and best nurses. In 2009, Forrest General also became the first hospital in Mississippi to receive the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates Award, achieving recognition for Cardiovascular Service Excellence.

“Forrest General is committed to continuous quality improvement and patient outcomes,” says Angela Pace, Chief Quality Officer. “We recognized a need to improve our 30-day readmission rates with more consistent patient follow-up. We realized that existing staff alone could not provide comprehensive post discharge follow-up phone calls with the volume of discharges that we have each month. Loopback will help us incorporate best practices for the assessment of individual patient risk for readmission and post discharge follow-up.”

“Consistent post-discharge follow-up is essential to helping patients make a successful transition from the hospital to home,” says Neil Smiley, Chief Executive Officer at Loopback. “We are excited to have the opportunity to assist Forrest General in improving outcomes for their patients.”

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