DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital has selected Dallas-based Loopback Communications’ technology-leading solution to support its efforts to reduce readmissions of discharged patients. The Readmission Reduction™ blends the latest automated-communications technologies with the hospital’s existing staff to achieve its desired goals of reduced readmissions, improved patient care, reduced costs and increased patient satisfaction.

“DMC Sinai-Grace is committed to continuous quality improvement and patient outcomes,” says Katie Flannigan M. S. PA-C, an administrative director for the hospital and Special Assistant to the President. “Reducing readmissions has been an ongoing initiative for us. We were one of the first hospitals to participate in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) STate Action on Avoidable Rehospitalizations (STAAR) initiative. Through the initiative, we have experienced tremendous success in reducing 30-day readmissions for patients with Heart Failure. In fact, we were just recognized by the IHI for our achievement in impacting the Heart Failure readmission rate by 30% this past year.”

The hospital has begun to expand its focus on achieving similar results with other diagnoses including Acute Myocardial Infarction, Pneumonia and Stroke. Hospital officials have realized that existing staff alone cannot provide effective follow-up phone calls to the large population of discharged patients each month. So, the hospital has turned to Loopback Communications as its partner.

“Loopback’s unique technology-based solutions will help us incorporate best practices for the assessment of individual patient risk for readmission and post-discharge follow-up,” explains Flannigan, Project Manager for the STAAR initiative.

“DMC Sinai-Grace is highly respected and recognized for its focus on improving quality and patient care,” says Neil Smiley, Loopback Communications’ CEO. “Consistent post-discharge follow-up is essential to helping patients make a successful transition from the hospital to home. Our Readmission Reduction™ service will help DMC Sinai-Grace care coordinators close the loop with discharged patients. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with DMC Sinai-Grace to improve outcomes for its patients.”

“We are particularly focused on reducing readmissions for several diagnoses since recently enacted health reform legislation will result in Medicare imposing financial penalties for 30-day post-discharge readmissions beginning in 2012,” says Mike Prusatis, CFO of SGH . “We know that readmissions add costs to the entire health care system. So, we hope to save money by avoiding these costly readmissions. And, if we are able to keep discharged patients from returning to the hospital, we think they will be more satisfied with their overall hospital experience.”

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