Hospitals & Health Systems


With the tremendous shift towards value-base care and the rise of bundled payments, hospitals and health systems are tasked with coordinating patient care across the care continuum as never before.

While many hospitals have a working relationship with their broader post-acute care network, a deeper, more intimate level of collaboration and data sharing is needed to ensure patients consistently receive the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost.

Loopback provides the core tools needed to drive continuous improvement across the care continuum:

A data-driven approach is essential in forming a successful network strategy.  Through consultative analytics, Loopback provides the necessary insight to assess PAC partner performance, identify highly variable care delivery and benchmark against market-level and national players.

Ensuring you have robust, standardized data across your partners is a key requirement of continuous improvement.  Loopback enables this by eliminating the need for manually compiled reports and provides a flexible integration engine consolidating data across the network.  Through our consultative legal and technical architecture, we ensure only data needed to drive improvement is shared amongst collaborators.

With a robust, broad view of patient movement and outcomes across the care continuum, high-risk populations largely hidden from individual providers become apparent.  Such patients can be identified and engaged with targeted interventions to drive the needed clinical outcomes and reduce cost to the system.