Community Coalitions

With the industry-wide shift towards value-based payments, there is tremendous incentive to effectively collaborate and coordinate care amongst different providers, business entities and systems across the care continuum.  Forward thinking organizations are beginning to deploy the tools and infrastructure to facilitate this collaboration and position all participants to thrive with emerging bundled payment arrangements. Our analytics and tools enable collaboration, data sharing, analytics and monitoring necessary to allow all providers on a patient's journey to collectively improve quality and reduce costs.

Loopback creates visibility and collaboration allowing community coalitions to focus on improved quality and cost.

Ensuring you have robust, standardized data across your partners is a key requirement of continuous improvement.  Loopback enables this by eliminating the need for manually compiled reports and provides a flexible integration engine consolidating data across the network.  Through our consultative legal and technical architecture, we ensure only data needed to drive improvement is shared amongst collaborators.

Through consultative analytics, Loopback provides the insights needed to identify the areas in which there is an opportunity to correct inefficient and ineffective care.  Continual focus on such areas ensures more efficient and less costly care.