Bundled Payments

Bundled payment arrangements are driving improved coordinated clinical and financial accountability from care providers across the continuum. From the multi-year Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative (BPCI) program to the recently finalized Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program, value-based payments are emerging as the new industry standard.

To effectively compete in this new paradigm and administer a successful bundled arrangement, care providers such as skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, acute care hospitals and others across the care continuum must collaborate on a level previously unseen. Successfully achieving this goal paves the way for performance payments from payers, as well as improved patient outcomes. Failing to adjust in this new environment risks inferior patient outcomes and reimbursement penalties.

The Loopback Analytics platform serves as the enabling technical and analytical infrastructure to manage patient populations shared by the many care providers in your network. Its cloud-based platform integrates multiple clinical and financial data streams, allowing you to track patient movement, assess performance via key metrics and proactively determine risk.

This infrastructure allows you to effectively assess and intervene, in real-time, with your bundle patient populations. You are able to identify, target and improve the many unnecessary variations in care, which drive up costs and adversely impact patient outcomes. Our platform ensures you have the tools, data and analytics needed to thrive in a pay-for-value paradigm.