Solution Service Providers

The healthcare reimbursement system is changing rapidly, and the imperative for value-based care continuous to grow.  Emerging into this new landscape are providers of innovative and effective intervention strategies designed to provide the optimal clinical outcomes at an efficient price point.

Such solution providers bring new and powerful methods into healthcare, but are often challenged by the lack of system integrations, measurement frameworks and deployment platforms needed to work with the nation's leading healthcare providers.


Loopback provides key tools, technologies and analytics needed to bring effective solutions to populations most in need:



From the beginning, Loopback's analytical engine allows solution providers to target patients to the required degree of specificity.  From simply identification of Medicare patients through advanced risk-based stratification of patients likely to have a particular condition, the patients which best fit your intervention are always at hand.

The completion of the intervention is just the beginning from the analytical perspective.  Robust reporting and analysis tracks intervention efficacy and effectiveness.  Patient responses and outcomes are fed back into the targeting algorithms to drive continuous performance improvement.


Many interventions have been used and honed for years, yet struggle to scale due to ineffective tools.  Loopback offers a flexible workflow platform which allows you to standardize and scale your solution.  Our tool ensures your front-line team has access to the steps, reminders and data needed consistently execute the solution.


Successful solution providers often demand closer collaboration with acute and post-acute care systems.  Such collaboration ensures a quicker patient identification and engagement process, and helps drive superior outcomes.  Loopback provides a comprehensive integration platform allowing you to receive the data you need from your acute and post-acute care partners in real-time.